Monday, December 20, 2010

On Moving On...

“Friends Forever,” once we had pledged;
“I’ll be with you, right till the end!”
We were made for each other-
You and I were the best of friends!

We did everything together,
We were alone and lonely, never!
When I was sad, for me you shed tears,
When you were scared, I remember feeling your fears!

We always had stuff to talk about,
We cared as much for each other, as we did shout!
We walked side by side on Life’s pathway,
We knew that together, we’d make everything okay!

But somewhere along the line, we grew apart-
You were there, I was here- it tore a hole in my heart!
Things changed, we chose different paths in life-
Inside of me, between choosing you, and going for my goal,
there was strife!

Suddenly one day we were two people, with nothing the same-
Although, I know, neither of us was to blame!
You made newer friends, & so did I-
Yet the pain of your absence made me cry!

We’ve grown older now, and we’ve moved on-
Things have changed; the good old days are long gone!
But there’s one thing I wanna let you know- this ain’t the end-
Wherever we go, whatever we do, you’ll still be my friend!