Monday, December 13, 2010

Back Together....

I'd heard of the prodigal son

He'd come back home, do undo what he'd done!
I'd been taught to believe it, but I knew it was just a parable,
Found in the books, to be read and forgotten!!

And so I left my past behind, I moved on in life
Your love was my dream, and it was broken forever,
Yet the memories would just not go away!
Moving on was the hardest thing I ever did!

Oh baby! You've no idea what I went through!
Nah! u haven't got the slightest clue!
How I pined for another chance-
How I longed to rewind and fix it all!

And so I promise you now,
Now that its a brand new day,
Now that we are back together-
I'll make this love stay!!

It's a fairy tale that's come true, my love!
I believe in miracles, now that you've happened to me!
Oh darling! It's true, love happens to those who believe-
Yeah sweetheart, its a promise, this time I wont leave!

(guys, you'll soon hear a video of my first song.... these are
just the lyrics!)


  1. Arpi!!
    Is this the song you were looking for a tune to go with?
    Oooh,,fun stuff :)
    let's make a melody soon!

  2. i need ur help fr that, honey! :)