Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Impossible Dream

I am dreaming. I am dreaming what I must not.
Everything is a figment of my imagination. Be it the flitting butterfly with wings of yellow and black, or the marigold atop which it sits; or be it a creation as powerful as the sun- it's just me.

Imagine circles, millions and billions of them, all centered around one point- ME. Everything else is nothing but a part of my entity. I am the center of all that is, and all that will be.

Imagine a graph paper. I am the origin, while everything else holds a position with respect to me. I am the one around which everything is centered.

Ages ago I had created a minor explosion on the surface of my creation, the sun. Fragments of it broke off and hurtled through space until they were drained of energy, and came to a stop, One such fragment cooled enough for micro-organisms to grow on it.

How I regret the day I let the tailed creatures come down from the trees! Maybe they should not have even evolved, after the big lizards perished! or perhaps I should have let the micro-organisms just be as they were!
But now t
he harm has been done, and the primates have evolved at my bidding! I can not destroy them this easily- it just does not appeal to my aesthetic sense to take away what I have given to them, My gift to them- the power of reasoning and thinking-probably makes them giddy with the misconception that they are Me- but the truth is that they aren't.

They have initiated something using this gift- something I did not want them to do. They have learnt to think. They go on crusades. They have learnt to take decisions, and they think they can handle themselves. A few years ago, I had sent someone to decrease this entropy, but He too was nailed to the cross in some barren land, by the lords of the realm. Even today, they squabble and fight. After two devastating wars, they still r
emain ignorant and oblivious. Each hopes to destroy the other, and live a fairy tale life after that. Oh! When will they understand that this will, sooner or later, lead to their downfall?

But even amidst this murk and gloom, there is beauty- the tiny creatures- the butterfly, the greenery, the water- Oh! It will hurt if all this is destroyed!

Ironically, human beings have even invented a name for Me. Some call me God; others call me Time. They are fearful of Me.

But why do they fear Me? I will do them no harm. They are safe.... until I wake up!

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  1. Oooh that last line was chilling.Sounds like the start of a nice sci fi thriller!