Friday, September 3, 2010


Hajar phuler sourabey sugandhito amaar shwaas,
Hajar tarar aloye ujjwal amaar du'nayan;
Hajar samudrer gobhirataye doobey achey ammar mon,
Tao amaaye koreche a kemon ek udasinataye grash??

Natamastak aami kebol tomari charane, he sakha!
Hrido majhe tomaye pai, tatei toh e jibon-er purno howa;
Shobi ache more kachey, nai kebol tomar bhalobashar chonwa,
Koro he amaaye uddhar; binita, ami tomar Anamika!

Guys... this is my first attempt at writing bengali poetry, so please don't mind if I haven't done justice to it! This poem is an appeal by a young, ambitious woman to the omnipresent, omnipotent and all knowing God; the only one she's ever going to kneel before, to bless her life. She knows she has everything that she could ever ask Life for, yet an unknown pain eats away at her heart. It is then that she realizes that what's missing is the touch of the Almighty in her life!

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