Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Mask

Do you see this face I'm wearing?
It's beautiful, it's calm, and it's caring.
But don't let it deceive you-
'Cos what you're seeing isn't true.
So if you'll be friendly and patient with me,
The real me will be there for you to see.

This face is just a disguise, a concealing mask-
Don't try taking it off, it's a difficult task!
Pretending to be what I'm not is child's play for me-
Creating false impressions is no big deal, despite all my inadequacy.
I come across to you as though Confidence is my middle name,
As though Complacence is in my blood, as though Coolness is my game.

But don't be misled, for beneath this surface lies no substance-
I'm now scared you'll think of me as a nuisance.
I fear that one day this mask will be blown off,
I 'm afraid that one day this nonchalant facade will come off.
That is why I've craeted so many more such shields,
That's the reason I've stocked up on so many more falsities.

Yet, when you patiently listen to me, when you genuinely know what I feel,
I experience something soothing, my wounds begin to heal.
But if I show the real me, I'm afraid you'll laugh and mock at me,
I'm not sure you'll be able to accept what you see.
I don't know if you'll still love me, or if you;ll take me for a foe,
And that's why I'm hesitant to let the real me show.

When to you my true self will be revealed,
When you can no more be deceived,
I'm gonna be all cold, vulnerable and bare-
'Cos I know not if even then you'll care
To be my friend, faithful and true to me,
To love me, despite all that you see.

Even if you will, I'll have to retain my masks for some time more,
I'll need them again for sure, I know.
'Cos not everybody's gonna understand,
So you've got to let me keep these backups in my hand.
Till then dear friend, thanks for loving me true,
I promise I'll throw away these masks when I learn to love mysef too...


  1. Amar sabcheye bhalo laga lekha , apatato jatogulo ache ekhane tar modhey!!!
    It seems to be same as my thoughts, feelings which i couldn't have ever be able to express...