Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Lonely Star’s promise

Like that lonely star up there in the skiey ebony,
I lie here, tormented, burning the fire of my misery.
She shines up there with all her might,
Her bright rays piercing the blackness of the night,
Yet she glimmers alone, with none beside her,
Like a forsaken bride, bedecked, in her futile wait for her lover…

You too left me in the middle of this journey we were to traverse not singly,
You too let go of the hand you had once clasped so lovingly.
You left me at the crossroads of life, waiting forever-
Life, without you, will go on, but will not be the same, ever!

Like that glowing dot of light in the expansive canopy above
Is for you, my steady, unflinching love…
Like that bright spot in the nightly blackness, I too shine-
Like she does for her beloved, I too pine.
Like her never-ending fire is my patient wait-
Until eternity shall I love you, ‘cos you are my fate!!

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