Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The search for an identity...

A very strange incident that took place last week triggered off a series of thoughts in my mind- questions about my identity, about the person that I am, and about how I, as an individual, can make a difference.

It all started off last Monday, when I realised I couldn't find my college ID card.
A desperate hunt for it ensued, for if it did not turn up in the next 2 days, I'd have to shell out 500 bucks for a goddamn card with my picture on it- a card that supposedly represents me in a building where everybody anyways knows me! A supposed way of identifying me in the corwd of thousands, that flood the college each day of the week, a means of making me unique in atleats one way, via a bar code.... the scientist that invented bar codes WAS a smartass, I must say!

But really, is an ID card everything? Does it actually define you? Is it all that's needed to prove to the world that you're an entity in yuorself? Do you need nothing more to prove your mettle to the world? What about the talent that the big guy sitting up there supposedly loaded you with, before he sent you down? Is that encompassed in this little card that dangles down your neck? Is it true that this ID actaully distinguishes you form the hoards of students that come to college? Will my teachers, my friends, the the many unknown faces that share the same campus as me, actually recognise me by my ID card?

Or will they, by my talents, my behaviour, my presence in the various activities of college? Will the librarian know me by my ID card which she scans eacg time I borrow or return a book? Or will she, by the infectious smile I greet her with every time I see her? Will my Dean know me by my ID card, which he can confiscate any moment; or by my identity as the editor of the college magazine? Will my taechers know me by my ID card, which they check for authenticity whenever I attempt an exam, or will they by my grades?

In this battle of identities, i feel lost trying to establish MY identity in this big bad world.... with no one by my side!!!


  1. Good post!
    Oh btw,do you charm our librarians out of their wits while returning a book late with your smile? :p
    Hmm.Must try next time :D

  2. yea... kinda... specially the skinny one u kno!