Friday, March 19, 2010

Even in the 21st century.... why????

It's funny how sometimes your opinion of yourself, leave alone of others; changes within the snap of a finger.... take myself, for instance...

I always thought I was a feminist, that I would not stand no nonsense against a woman, however minor that may be...

But today I realize how puny I am, how insignificant my "efforts" seem to be, when I see my own friends line up against me...

Yeaterday, some of ma male friends and I had a discussion about how justified Indian Mythology is, in its attitude towards women in general. I've always had the opinion that Seeta's Agnipariksha was (or rather, is) one of the most glaring examples of how inhu"man" our society was in the days of yore. Men justify Rama by saying that he never had any doubts on Seeta's chastity, it was to satisfy the Ayodhya-vasis that he had demanded the Agnipariksha; that it was anyways not Seeta who took the pariksha, it was Maya Seeta; and the most unacceptable of all arguements- that if Seeta was indeed pure, she'd come out of the fire unscathed!!

I, a woman, ask you men... what are the probablities that Rama himself was as pure as the driven snow? Why did Rama not have to go through the fire ordeal? Why did Seeta have to accept Rama as he was?

And yet today, Hindus worldover call Rama "Purushottama"(the exalted man).

Is this what manhood is all about? Subjugating women? Stifling their voices? Degrading them?
Tell me, Man!

You might tell me, "Wake up, girl! This is the 21st century. What you're talking about does not happen today!"
I'd say...Wake up, dude! Ask yourself if it indeed dos not happen today! Would you really not have a gnawing inferiority complex if your girlfriend had a better degree than you? Would you like it if your wife earned the bread for the family while you took care of the kids?
Tell me....

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